Adventure Quest World. The Best RPG 2011

Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

What is Adventure Quest World..?
Adventure Quest World is RPG game. To control you need mouse and keyboard (but, its dominant mouse than keyboard). Its easy and simple game but, its wonderful. You can find beautiful decoration inside. So, its make me enjoy. Now, im reach level 25, what about you..?

How to Sign Up..?
its easy, you must go to this site. Then, click "Create Free Account". Fill your contact correctly, Click next. Select your hair color and style, choose a hair like your hair. hahahaha Its Joke. Enter your name, email and password.
How to play..?
You need to control your mouse to move. Just click at the road you character will move directly.
 Do you want to know my character..?
Ok  i will show you some screenshot. :
Ok, That my story.
Enjoy your day ^_^

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