How To Subdue The Anti-Right-Click Blog.

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Have you found a anti-right-click blog..? yup, anti-right-click blog is we aren't allowed to right click.
Sometimes, im annoyed if i found blog like that. hufft.. But, don't worry, i have a solution for you..

Ok, check this.. :
1. If we cannot do right click, we can still copy, you can copy paste just click CTRL + C.
2. Secondly, i have another solution.. You can install software with the name RIGHT-TO-CLICK. Just search on  the google..
Ok, byee..

2 komentar:

Laura Al-Amery mengatakan...

Thank you for your nice article on How To Subdue The Anti-Right-Click Blog. . I like it.

End.Of.Ur.Life mengatakan...

Youre Welcome...


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